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Environmental Responsibility


At Ritchie Trucking Service our commitment to providing excellent customer service is of the utmost importance.  Along with this commitment we also feel it is our responsibility to take part in reducing waste as a result of our business.  In an effort to minimize this waste we have taken a keen focus on reducing the amount of waste that is put back into our landfills.

Every year thousands of tons of cardboard, plastics, Styrofoam, and metals come through our facilities as a result of removed packaging materials.  To handle these different types of products, each of our locations has partnered with a local recycling company to ensure that all of these items are properly recycled and re-purposed for additional uses.

The biggest part of our internal recycling program involves the appliance delivery side of our business.  Every day we collect hundreds of used appliances that are being replaced by new energy efficient models.  The used appliances are recycled by our Federal and State regulated appliance recycling partner who removes gases and oils from motors, magnetrons from microwaves, and removes other harmful byproducts before they are recycled.

This focus on recycling has kept our actual waste down to a minimum and very little waste from our operation goes into landfills.    Focusing our efforts on waste reduction allows us to make this world a little better today and a lot better tomorrow.